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I’m From Mugwort Essence Review

Korean skincare brands offer a unique variety of products that contain ingredients uncommon in mainstream skincare products. One such product is I’m From Mugwort Essence. This skincare essence contains mugwort extract to address dry, irritated skin.

I'm From Mugwort Essence

In this I’m From Mugwort Essence review, I’ll discuss my experience with the essence, the skincare benefits of mugwort, and how to incorporate an essence into your skincare routine.

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I’m From Mugwort Essence

I'm From Mugwort Essence

I’m From Mugwort Essence contains one active ingredient: 100% Artemisia princeps extract (mugwort extract) from Ganghwa County, South Korea.

It is formulated to soothe problem skin and improve skin texture for a clearer, more refined complexion.

This Korean essence is formulated without artificial fragrances and colors, parabens, sulfates, animal products, alcohol, mineral oils, essential oils, and silicone.

This essence has a pH of 6.0±1.0. It’s vegan and cruelty-free.

I’m From Mugwort Essence Benefits

This Korean native herb is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant benefits and has been used in traditional Korean medicine for its many therapeutic benefits for centuries.

Mugwort extract can help restore the skin barrier and can be beneficial for dry skin due to atopic dermatitis.

Mugwort extract contains antioxidants that help the skin fight off free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress and damage to the skin.

This skin cell damage can lead to premature aging and the resulting visible signs of aging, like wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots.

Its anti-inflammatory benefits are ideal for those with dry, irritated skin. It can also benefit skin redness and if you have a sensitive skin type.

I’m From Mugwort Essence Review

I'm From Mugwort Essence with box

I’m From Mugwort Essence comes in a sturdy glass bottle, and the liquid is a light green shade. It has a thin texture, which is slightly thicker than water.

This essence absorbs easily into the skin and isn’t sticky or tacky, which makes it ideal for applying multiple layers if your skin is really in need of hydration.

This is a very soothing essence. Korean mugwort has a calming effect on my skin while giving it a gentle boost of hydration. The first time I used it, my skin was dehydrated and flaky.

This essence helped calm the irritation around my nose and mouth caused by dryness during the winter months.

I'm From Mugwort Essence sampled on palm of hand

I had no adverse reactions to this essence and have been reaching for it when I need some soothing relief in my skincare routine.

Since mugwort has such soothing properties, this single ingredient in the essence can be just what dehydrated dry and sensitized skin needs.

It’s very soothing, non-irritating, and is perfect for flaky skin or dry skin experiencing redness – the ideal antidote to the dry, cold weather.

It would also be excellent for those dealing with acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne scars, as it would calm redness and inflammation in the skin.

Drawbacks? There aren’t many. The extract imparts a light natural herbal fragrance, which some may not like, and the glass bottle is a little heavy and clunky. Also, an essence is an added step in your skincare routine that you may not need.

How To Use I’m From Mugwort Essence

Apply a few drops to your hands or on a cotton pad and pat/press gently onto your face after cleansing and toning.

You can use it in both your AM and PM skincare routines. Follow with the remaining products in your skincare routine.

For deeper moisturizing effects, soak multiple cotton pads in the essence and leave them on your face for 5 minutes for a restorative skincare treatment.

If you like I’m From Mugwort Essence, I’m From has a line of skincare products dedicated to the ingredient mugwort. Products include a Mugwort Cream, Mugwort Mask, and a Mugwort Sheet Mask.

To target problem and acne-prone skin, I’m From Mugwort Spot Gel contains 90% mugwort extract to soothe inflamed, irritated skin.

What Is An Essence?

An essence is a skincare concentrate that is usually thinner in consistency than a serum. Essences are packed with hydration and nutrients to give your skin a boost. Essences are often filled with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ferments, antioxidants, and other beneficial goodies.

An essence is a popular product in the Korean skincare routine. It is typically applied after cleansing and toning and before applying serums, ampoules, emulsions, and moisturizers.

Why Use An Essence?

If you are wondering why you might want to incorporate an essence into your skincare routine, here are some benefits of an essence:

  • Improves the performance of your skincare routine through optimum hydration levels in the skin. If your skin is properly hydrated, the absorption of your other skincare products like serums and creams can be improved.
  • Boosts skin barrier function by delivering hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, ceramides, fatty acids and panthenol to the stratum corneum. A lack of hydration and moisture can lead to dry, dehydrated, dull, and tired skin.
  • Reduces redness/inflammation due to breakouts and other irritation. This is especially beneficial for those with acne or sensitive skin or those dealing with issues like atopic dermatitis.
  • Improves skin elasticity and increase skin firmness. Elastin and collagen production can be improved by applying an essence that contains antioxidants and ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin E, and ferulic acid.

Final Thoughts On I’m From Mugwort Essence

I’m From Mugwort Essence is ideal for most skin types.

Incorporating this essence into your skincare routine may be added step, but it can be worth it if you have skin concerns like dryness, acne, or irritation, as it’s so good for calming redness and soothing inflammation.

If this sounds like it would be beneficial to your routine, consider checking the rest of the products I’m From Mugwort line as well.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, here’s to your good skin health!

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