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iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream Review

If you have sensitive and easily irritated skin, you know how helpful a soothing, calming moisturizer can be for your complexion.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream hand held

Korean beauty brand iUNIK has created Centella Calming Gel Cream, a lightweight moisturizer formulated to soothe sensitive skin.

Since I have somewhat sensitive skin, I purchased a tube to see how it performs. Today, I will discuss my experience with the Korean moisturizer in this iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream review.

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This multi-benefit cream targets stressed skin while strengthening the delicate skin barrier, brightening the skin, and reducing the visible signs of aging.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream Key Ingredients

Centella Asiatica Leaf Water (72%) and Centella Asiatica Extract: Centella asiatica extract is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help heal various skin conditions.

Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola, is rich in saponins (triterpenoids), which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-healing properties.

Some of these compounds can also stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis in our skin which helps keep our skin hydrated.

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Water (10%) and Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract: Tea tree leaf extract is a natural ingredient that is well-known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It can be helpful in soothing and healing acne-prone skin.

Niacinamide: Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that has been shown to have numerous beneficial effects on the skin, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores, evening out skin tone, and restoring the skin barrier. It helps to brighten skin, fade dark spots and improve skin texture.

Niacinamide can also help balance oil production in the skin, which makes it a favorite of those with oily and blemish-prone skin.

Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to have skin-restoring properties. It can help improve the appearance of rough, patchy, and damaged dry skin.

Arginine is a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which is a compound that helps keep our skin hydrated by attracting and retaining water.

Allantoin: Allantoin is a compound derived from the roots of the comfrey plant. It is a skin-soothing and softening agent that can be helpful in healing damaged skin.

Adenosine: Adenosine is a natural compound that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and skin-restoring properties. It helps to strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a healthier complexion.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream and box

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: Dipotassium glycyrrhizate is derived from licorice root. It is a skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce the appearance of redness and irritation.

It also balances sebum production, making it a good choice for blemishes and acne.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Sodium hyaluronate is a form of hyaluronic acid (HA), a compound that is naturally found in our skin.

HA is a powerful humectant that helps attract and retain moisture, which can help to keep our skin hydrated and looking younger.

Sodium hyaluronate has a smaller molecular size than hyaluronic acid, which allows it to penetrate the skin more easily.

Aspalathus Linearis Extract: Aspalathus linearis extract is a natural antioxidant derived from the Rooibos plant.

This extract is known to help protect our skin from free radicals, which can cause damage and premature aging.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract: Licorice root extract contains a compound called glabridin, which has brightening and antioxidant properties. This plant-based extract can also help soothe and calm the skin.

6 Sprout Extracts: Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ extract, Brassica oleracea italica (broccoli) extract, Brassica oleracea capitata (cabbage) leaf extract, Medicago sativa (alfalfa) extract, Raphanus sativus (radish) seed extract, and Brassica campestris (rapeseed) extract are plant-based extracts are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients that can help to nourish and protect the skin.

The gel-cream contains Citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, although I don’t detect much of a scent at all.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream Review

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream tube flatlay next to sample on back of hand

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream has the thin transparent texture of a gel. It absorbs quickly without any residue or stickiness and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

I have been using it for a few weeks, and it has such a calming effect on my skin.

After using a cleanser, toner, and serum, I apply a thin layer of the Centella Calming Gel Cream, and my skin drinks it right up.

I like to pair it with iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum for additional tea tree and Centella benefits.

I love that it doesn’t leave any sticky or oily residue behind and leaves a semi-matte to matte finish on my skin.

While this gel cream would work for most skin types, those with sensitive, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin types would benefit the most as it is so soothing and feels weightless once absorbed.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream and box flatlay

I love that this gel-cream contains niacinamide, as it’s one of my favorite skincare ingredients that target the signs of aging while balancing and replenishing the skin.

I can see myself reaching for this affordable moisturizing gel cream in the hot summer months when I don’t want a heavy moisturizer leaving my skin shiny or sticky.


This serum might not be moisturizing enough if you have dry skin. Although the gel-cream is very lightweight, so you can easily add another moisturizer on top.

How To Use Centella Calming Gel Cream

After cleansing, toning, and any desired skincare serums/treatments, apply a thin layer of the gel-cream on your face and neck and let absorb. In your morning skincare routine, follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

About iUNIK

Founded in 2017, iUNIK is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on using natural ingredients in its skincare products.

The unique name iUNIK stands for Ideal Unique Natural Ingredients Knowhow, which reflects the brand’s dedication to using high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative research in developing its products.

The brand has quickly become popular in South Korea and is now gaining a following worldwide.

Final Thoughts On iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream

This iUNIK moisturizer is formulated for those that want to lower their skin temperature and soothe their sensitive skin. The ingredients are natural and effective, and it’s super affordable.

Centella Calming Gel Cream calms my somewhat sensitive skin and has a cooling, lightweight texture, perfect for those with oily or combination skin.

If you are a fan of gel creams and have sensitive or easily irritated skin, this Korean moisturizer is definitely worth trying.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, here’s to your good skin health!