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This Is The Best Moisturizer In Korea

Korean skin care is renowned worldwide for its innovative ingredients and advanced technologies. Many Korean moisturizers, in particular, are very popular for their elegant textures and skin-loving ingredients.

While you may see some best-selling Korean moisturizers on Amazon in the US or other international websites, you may be wondering what is the most popular and best moisturizer in Korea, where the skincare market is the most competitive.

In other words, which Korean moisturizer is the most popular with South Koreans?

Best Moisturizer in Korea: Moisturizers from S.Nature, Dr. G, Torriden, Make P:Rem Inteca, Goodall, Round Lab, and Fation.

I researched several sites that rank the popularity of Korean skincare and came up with one moisturizer that stood out from the rest: Torriden Dive-In Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cream.

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How I Determined The Best Moisturizer in Korea

While the best of anything can be subjective, I looked at some statistics to help me decide the best moisturizer in Korea as of the time of writing this post.

Of course, the best Korean moisturizer for your skin will depend on individual skin type and preferences, but one product stands out as the current winner:

Best Moisturizer in Korea: Torriden Dive In Soothing Cream, jar on top of box.

Torriden Dive-In Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cream

Here are the stats to back it up. Torriden Dive-In Cream:

  • Placed in Glowpicks Mid-Year awards (3rd place best hydrating cream)
  • Appeared as a top moisturizer in the Hwahae Ranking: Toner & Serum & Moisturizer division
  • Is a top 10 skincare product sold on Olive Young Korea

Here’s what makes it so special:

Torriden Dive-In Soothing Cream

Torriden Dive In Soothing Cream, handheld.

Torriden Dive-In Soothing Cream is formulated with a 5D-complex Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Its hydrating complex contains five different weights of hyaluronic acid (low, medium, and high) to build 3D networks that hydrate your skin from the surface down to the deeper layers for extended hydration.

The cream also contains trelahose (a sugar) and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), which work together to create a strong skin barrier and maintain moisture in your skin.

Allantoin derived from comfrey root helps soothe and repair your skin.

Torriden Dive In Soothing Cream, open jar, handheld.

Blue Complex HR contains six patented herbal extracts: Borago, Centaurea Cyanus, Lavender, Anthemic nobilis, Salvia Sclarea (Clary), and Hyacinthus Orientalis (Hyacinth) to hydrate, soothe and nourish your skin.

The vegan gel cream has a lightweight, watery gel-like texture that leaves skin feeling hydrated but not greasy.

This gel has a bouncy texture that absorbs easily into my skin and leaves a lightweight finish that makes it suitable for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated, oily, or combination skin types.

Torriden Dive In Soothing Cream, open jar and sampled on hand.

Best Moisturizers Sold in Korea

If Torriden Dive Cream is not your first choice for a moisturizer or you would like to explore other options, several other moisturizers are showing as best-selling at Olive Young Korea that I ordered and tested.

When I received the moisturizers, I noticed something interesting when researching and testing the most popular moisturizers sold in South Korea.

All of the top moisturizers share some common qualities. They are:

  • lightweight
  • non-greasy
  • most have a gel-cream texture
  • soothe your skin
  • support a healthy skin barrier

Here is a sampling of some of the best-selling moisturizers in Korea:

S.Nature Aqua Squalane Moisturizing Cream

S.Nature Aqua Squalane Moisturizing Cream, handheld.

S.Nature Aqua Squalane Moisturizing Cream is another best-selling moisturizer in Korea.

Formulated with 15% squalane, this lightweight cream has a light gel texture that melts into your skin to deliver intense hydration without feeling heavy.

Squalane is a saturated hydrocarbon similar to the natural oils that your skin produces. It helps to keep skin hydrated and locks in moisture while also helping to strengthen your skin barrier.

Squalane is noncomedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts, making it ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

The moisturizer uses the principle of “sugar moisturizing” by helping the skin retain water.

S.Nature Aqua Squalane Moisturizing Cream, tune next to sample on hand.
  • The patented ingredient Aquaxyl supports the skin barrier for 24 hours and helps with the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins to keep skin soft and supple.
  • Eight types of hyaluronic acid are included to hydrate the skin at multiple layers for long-lasting hydration and smooth the look of fine lines.
  • Betaine, derived from sugar beets, helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier by regulating moisture levels while also helping to replenish any lost hydration.
  • Panthenol, allantoin, and adenosine offer anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits.
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8, better known as Argireline, is also included to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide a more youthful look to your complexion.
  • Arginine, an amino acid, helps hydrate and repair your skin.

How does it perform?

It instantly hydrates and refreshes my skin, leaving it soft and supple. It has a lightweight texture that feels comfortable on my skin without any greasiness or heaviness.

It also works well under makeup without making it look cakey or patchy.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an intense yet lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, this moisturizer is definitely worth checking out.

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream, handheld.

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream feels like a sigh of relief for sensitized skin.

The cream is formulated with 10 types of cica ingredients that make it perfect for sensitive skin. Cica, also known as Centella asiatica extract or tiger grass, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Niacinamide, a brightening and whitening ingredient, is also added to the cream to help lighten discolorations, soothe redness and irritation, and balance oil production.

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream, opening protective seal with fingers.

As a bonus, the jar has an impressive seal (see above) that ensures it stays fresh until you are ready to use it for the first time.

This soothing cream offers deep hydration that lasts. Thanks to its ultrafine particles, it quickly penetrates your skin, reaching as far as the 10th layer of the stratum corneum, promising you up to 100 hours of uninterrupted moisture.

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream, open jar with moisturizer sample on white cosmetic spatula.

It’s proven to be kind to both acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

The silky smooth gel-cream formula leaves my skin feeling comfortable and soothed.

Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream, open jar next to sample on hand.

It provides the skin with long-lasting moisture and healing benefits to help manage blemished skin and redness.

Perfect for when you are experiencing breakouts or when your skin is acting angry and sensitized.

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream, handheld.

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream is a lightweight moisturizing cream formulated with 1% Birch Tree Sap (Betula Platyphylla Japonica Juice) that hydrates and calms your skin with proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes.

Birch Sap also contains 17 amino acids that boost skin hydration. Their natural properties help nourish and restore your skin’s protective layer, as well as minimize the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream, open jar next to sample on hand.

The cream is also enriched with jojoba esters to boost moisture and panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5) to soothe, moisturize, and reduce skin irritation.

The fragrance-free cream has a super light, fluffy texture and feel on my skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including a sensitive or oily skin type (it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores).

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Cream

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Cream, handheld.

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Cream contains 67% Jeju Green tangerine extract plus brightening niacinamide to target dark spots, freckles, and other discolorations.

The lightweight gel cream contains serum capsules that pop with moisture to provide long-lasting hydration.

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Cream, open jar.

Multiple antioxidants, including turmeric and green tea extracts, protect against free radicals and environmental stress.

The cream is gentle on your skin and suitable for sensitive skin.

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Cream, open jar next to sample on hand.

Pair with Goodall Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum for 1.4x the dark spot care effectiveness.

Please note there are added essential oils in the cream that create a light citrus fragrance.

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Make P:rem Inteca Soothing Cream

Make P:rem Inteca Soothing Cream, handheld.

If you have sensitive skin, then Make P:rem Inteca Soothing Cream is the perfect moisturizer for your skin type.

Formulated to calm irritated skin immediately, the cream contains nano-sized Inteca, which are ingredients found in Centella asiatica that soothe sensitive skin and helps reduce redness and inflammation.

Other key ingredients include niacinamide and adenosine, two anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients that help calm, smooth, and brighten skin while enhancing its texture.

Make P:rem Inteca Soothing Cream, flatlay of tube next to sample on hand.

Multiple weights of hyaluronic acid ensure that your skin stays hydrated all day long, and ceramides also help to build up a strong protective layer against external irritants.

Above all, this Centella calming gel cream has a light and non-sticky texture, which makes it easy to apply and quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving an oily feeling behind.

If you have easily irritated, sensitive, or damaged skin, this Korean skincare product is the perfect go-to moisturizer.

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream, handheld.

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream is a luxuriously textured face cream formulated to target dehydration and dullness. Perfect for a dry skin type!

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream contains 29% rice bran water which was known as “Beauty Water” in the Joseon Dynasty, which gives the cream a lightweight texture.

Rice bran water is rich in moisturizing amino acids, minerals, and vitamin E, helping to boost your hydration and skin elasticity.

Additional key ingredients include the following:

  • 5% Ginseng root water, which comes from the ginseng plant. Ginseng is well known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to brighten dull skin.
  • 2% Squalane, a plant-based lipid that is similar to your skin’s natural oils, helps to lock in moisture and prevent dryness
  • 2% Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a true multi-tasker in that it can improve the look of dark spots and dullness, reduce redness and irritation, smooth fine lines, support a healthy skin barrier, and even help regulate sebum production.
Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream, handheld, open jar.

This fragrance-free moisturizer has a rich nourishing consistency and is ideal for dehydrated, dry, and flaky skin, as it sinks in quickly and hydrates deeply.

This Korean skincare product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, although due to its rich texture, oily or acne-prone skin may prefer a more lightweight gel cream like the ones from Torriden or S.Nature.

Fation Nosca9 Trouble Cream

Fation Nosca9 Trouble Cream flatlay.

Fation Nosca9 Trouble Cream is a nourishing cream moisturizer formulated for blemish care.

  • The cream is formulated with 1% (10,000 ppm) Heparin RX Complex, which contains sodium heparin and panthenol to moisturize and repair your skin.
  • Five ceramides (EOP, NS, AS, AP, and NP) help repair and restore the skin barrier while also helping your skin retain moisture.
  • Allantoin helps to soothe your skin, while beta-glucan is a sugar molecule that moisturizes and helps to reduce irritation and redness.
Fation Nosca9 Trouble Cream tube next to sample on hand.

While many of the moisturizers in this post have a watery gel-cream texture, this moisturizer has a lightweight cream texture that sinks in quickly and won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy.

This is thanks to Fation’s proprietary Rapid-some biotechnology that allows their active ingredients to absorb into your skin easily and quickly.

This cream is an ideal choice for anyone looking to care for acne-prone skin, as it hydrates and strengthens your skin barrier to protect against irritants that can trigger acne.

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The Bottom Line: The Best Moisturizer In Korea

The best-selling moisturizers in South Korea are formulated to soothe your skin and enhance its hydration levels without any extra potent actives that might potentially irritate your skin.

They’re gentle on your skin and can easily be incorporated into your skincare routine.

Until next time, here’s to your good skin health!

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